Moviemaking - Using digital video for Macs and PCs

Chris Champion and Brad Shank

Click Here to go to the video clip download site (ask Chris for the password)

Moviemaking is fun and is a great way to reinforce your curricular concepts. You can have students create projects, act out scenes of literary or historical events, document experiments, and have FUN doing it all.

Atomic Learning has a great primer for the uninitiated: Video Storytelling Guide

Ricky Okazaki from the University of Hawaii has a great Guide to Storyboarding (planning your movie)

Macintosh: iMovie

iMovie and iMovie HD are two programs that are included with iLife for the Macintosh - now installed on every Mac. You can also buy iLife for older Macs that didn't come with it.

iMovie Tutorials: "iMovie at a Glance" manual and Apple's iMovie manuals website and Atomic Learning videos

Windows: MovieMaker

MovieMaker is included with Windows XP, and you can download the latest version from Microsoft's website.

MovieMaker Tutorials: Microsoft's "How To Use" Guide and Atomic Learning videos

Examples of student-created videos

Operation Safe Surf - PA Attorney General student video contest

Learning and Laptops Blog - student responses to "What Does Literature Say About Human Beings?"
(Anne Smith, English teacher from Arapahoe, CO SD)

Other Resources

Use YouTube or TeacherTube to document an oral history of World War II (Kristin Hokanson's blog) Making Student Portfolios
$14 DIY Steadycam