Presenter - Ben Smith and Rob Klink

It can be done. Come make a movie in one 40 minute class period.

Thanks to everyone who came - the Open Lab will be ready with iMovie on all the laptops - bring your own or come use our equipment.
Email me how you are using MovieMaking!

Here is the Presentation file. The links within do not work but the resources are located below.

Tutorial for iMovie and MovieMaker.

There are additional resources at my website - . Look under the NSTA link for information on movies, podcasts and more.

Make movies online using Jumpcut .

This Inspiration template allows students to storyboard their movie - saves time in class.

Directions for using the camcorder in PowerPoint

Sample video instructions given to students.

A different set of directions for camcorders this time in Word.

Here is the photo release I use with my students.