eField Trips- No Buses, Planes or Trains Needed

Wednesday, July 18 1:45 - 3:00

Presenters: Linda Nitsche and Michael Baker

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Get your ticket for adventure and learning by engaging your students in interactive
experiences which extend their learning beyond classroom walls. Take
your students on virtual adventures with eField trips to spark their interest as
well as nurture thinking skills and deepen their understanding of curricular
concepts. Explore the links below to find quality resources. Follow proven guidelines
to make the experiences successful with your students.

Also known as:

  • eTrips
  • Webcasts
  • Live Telecasts
  • Virtual Field Trips
  • Distance Education
  • Distance Learning

What exactly is a Virtual Field Trip?

Technical Know-How

How to Connect and Technical Requirements

Connecting to virtual field trips can be done using a variety of different methods.


Check the technical requirements to make sure you have the necessary updated plug-in's for connecting to a virtual field trip.

Integrating eField Trips into the Curriculum

  • Select a Curricular Unit
  • Identify a Purpose
  • Consider Multiple Goals and Objectives
  • Search for Related eField Trip Programs
  • Evaluate Potential

Take a look at a few examples...

You Can Connect with Experts...

Work Interactively with Gadgets...

Videoconference Program via COSI

Or Explore Works of Art and Historical Artifacts.

Cleveland Museum of Art

What makes a quality eField trip?

Vanderbilt Virtual School Evaluation

Lessons Learned from CILC

Kathy Schrock's Virtual Tour Evaluation Guide

COSI Virtual Trip Evaluation

Great Sites for Finding eField Trips

1. eFieldtrips.org - Science and Social Studies topics

2. NW Wisconsin IU - Over 170 Sites

3. SBC - The "Yellow Pages" of Videoconferencing!

4. Tramline - Across all curriculum areas – Science focus

5. Ball State University - Six scheduled trips each year

6. Videoconferencing Links– List of Videoconferencing Directories

7. Apple Learning Exchange – 72 Virtual Field Trips and 31 Digital Documentaries

8. PDE Webinars- Authors and Illustrators

9. TWICE – List of content providers

10. CILC – One-stop shopping for videoconferencing

11. BSCID - Polycom Videoconference Program Database

As you find more outstanding sites for eField trips, please add them below. Better yet, email me at lnitsche@ojrsd.com and I will add them to this collection!

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Guidelines for Making it Work

Use these checklists and planning guides to make your virtual field trips and videoconferencing experiences successful.

Checklist and Planning Guide