Writing with Pictures

Pete Vreeland and Yvonne Holman
Room 404
Monday 3:15-4:30

Looking for a new way to engage your students and encourage them to ex­press their ideas in innovative ways? Comic Life is an easy to learn applica­tion that allows students to quickly create professional looking comics. See how you and your students can express their ideas as "sequential art."

By the end of the session, you should be able to.....
- create a comic that communicates an important idea in your subject area

and you should have the resources to.....
- plan, implement, and assess student comic projects.

Collegeboard article about graphic novels


Scott McCloud - A resource for learning about the past, present, and future of comics.
Scott McCloud's Website
Jay Hosler - A Juniata professor explaining life science topics with comics.
Jay Hosler's Website
Factoring with Mr. Yang - An example of how to use comics to teach factoring.
Factoring with Mr Yang
Grammarman Comics - Brian Boyd, an English teacher in Thailand, created Grammarman as a way to engage his manga-obsessed students. With his trusty sidekicks Alpha-Bot and Syntax, Grammarman battles grammar mistakes around the globe as the star of Boyd's whimsical, well-drawn comic strip.
Plasq's Comic Life - (PC - beta version - or MAC) Comic creation program (unfortunately not free, but it was bundled with Mac's OS X)
Comic Life How-to - A simple introduction to how to create comics using Comic Life.
Comic Life How-to
Piled HIgher and Deeper - An online comic about life as a graduate student at Stanford University.
PhD Comics
Images - Check out these image sources from other 2007 Keystone Summit sessions.
Building Learning w/Dig Images
Digital Storytelling
Comics in Education - A collection of resources for using comics in the classroom
Comics in Education


McCloud, Scott: Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art (Harper Perennial 1993)
McCloud, Scott: Reinventing Comics (Harper Perennial 2001)
McCloud, Scott: Making Comics (Harper Perennial 2006)
Pink, Daniel: A Whole New MInd (Berkley 2005)

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Thanks for your interest in this session.