Welcome to "Wiki Wiki--Create a Blog"

Summit Session: Wednesday, July 18th 9:15 AM, Room 402

Presenters: Yvonne Holman, Brad Shank

This wiki includes resources used in class and links to additional information. Let's build this resource together. Please send them to me and I'll be happy to add them here. yholman@mciu.org

Wiki Wiki--Create a Blog

What does the name of this wikispace mean anyway?

According to the WikiWikiWeb page in Wikipedia, wiki is a Hawaiian-language word for fast. The idea of a wiki web site, is the creation of pages that can be edited by users quickly without must need for understanding code, etc.

In our session we will take a look at both wikis and blogs, see some examples of how teachers are using them, and create one ourselves—hopefully wiki wiki.

Even though the emphasis in the description of a wiki seems to be on quick and easy, the real power is the sharing of ideas and information that changes and grows as collaborators edit the wiki. And while a wiki is more like an interactive, connected web that is a collaborative effort, a blog is written and displayed in chronological order often by one person. It can combine text, images, and links to additional information and media, and invites comments from readers.

Wiki Examples and Resources

Blog Examples and Resources