There have been a lot of really cool projects, ideas, wikis, and forums floating around Skype, and twitter. It would be great to have a collection of samples to show administrators, or other teachers with whom we are working. If you are doing something NEW in your classroom this year as a result of what you learned at the summit, please tell us about it and add a link to it on this page.

  • Integrating Tech - by Scott Snyder (was Technology in High School English for a short period) will look at his experiences with bringing technology into 21st Century Classrooms and other technology in the classroom issues.
  • Technology Integration - by Lori Sheldon is where I journal about ways that I have used technology in my third grade classroom.
  • Soleil's Smile - by Dianne Krause is my personal blog where I post about my professional and personal life.
  • Edtechnability - by Brandon Lutz is a personal blog about my teaching and new technologies.
  • Cokie's Cozy Corner -by Diane Kasaczun is where my fifth grade students will blog with Cokie, the Therapy Dog, that listens to my students read.
  • Authentic Learning - by Jan Abernethy. A place to discuss the quest for authentic learning in my 5th grade classroom
  • Morpheus Fortuna - by Brandon Lutz, a wiki that will follow Morpheus Fortuna a stuffed animal that will visit different Keystones in their classrooms using Web 2.0 to communicate Morpheus's journey.
  • Soleil 2.0 - by Dianne Krause is a collection of professional and personal sites, resources and ideas .
  • MadameSpace - Dianne Krause's wikispace for French classes at Wissahickon High School. It has/will have links to resources for French 5, French 4 and French 4 such as handouts, podcasts, videos, images and more, all organized by unit of study. The wikispace will also include information about current assignments and projects as well as class expectations and a teacher biography.
  • team8blue - by Cathy Laguna's 8th grade Physical Science class. One student from each class period acted as our "wiki wierdo" and recorded important information from the class. In a few days we had this space up and running.
  • www.eduwiki.us - a group of 325+ and growing have begun building a wiki to include all of the great ideas and information that we will be gathering. We were just named the Wikispaces December Wiki of the Month and we will be presenting the project at PETE & C. Please feel free to check out the site or ask to contribute. We will also be launching an educational book club and we have begun writing a community book! Everyone is welcome.
  • mrssheldon.wikispaces.com - by Lori Sheldon is one way that I am trying to share resources and ideas with others in my district.
  • Integrating Tech - by Scott Snyder will be a collection point of "how to's" that will be used in teacher training sessions and that teachers can use to instruct their students.
  • South Room 33's Wiki - Jen Moylan's wikispace for her class of 5th graders. It's in its infancy right now (8/07), but I hope to be updating it soon...and hope to get wikispaces unblocked at school...ugh! UPDATE: District wouldn't unblock wikispaces. I've created a page on our new school site instead: http://mrs-moylans-class.pvsd.south.schoolfusion.us
  • Third Dimension - by Lori Sheldon - wikispace for 3rd graders and their families
  • https://theresafarrell.wikispaces.com/- by Theresa Farrell...I am hoping to use this to share with others how they can integrate technology into their classrooms.
  • WallyGifted - by Gene Shultz. A site for Wallenpaupack High School's gifted ed students. We plan on using the site as a place to record journals, hold discussions, and any other ideas that come up.
  • cornellchem wiki - by Tavis Bogue. A wiki for science students at Cornell HS.
  • Top50 - by Brandon Lutz a wiki that has a lot of websites for web 2.0 and educational sites for kids.
  • Kasaczun Coquis - by Diane Kasaczun. A wiki for fifth grade learning support students at Harry S Truman Elementary School in Salisbury Township School District. It will continue to evolve as the year progresses.
  • Mrs. Abernethy's Cyber Chickens - A class wikispace for 5th graders in Greenville, PA; includes pages for students, by students and for teachers;
  • If you are interested in creating educationally related podcasts, please feel free to contact Michael Baker at mbaker@sssd.k12.pa.us.
  • Room 33's Bedtime Story Podcasts - by Jen Moylan and her class of 5th graders. The students read fables from Aesop for their first grade buddies. Click, listen, and enjoy!
  • Fifth Grade Fever - by Jen Moylan and her class of 5th graders. "Fifth grade students share their research and learning through this educational podcast! Sit back, listen, and enjoy!"
  • Mrs. Abernethy's Cyber Chickens Podcasts - A variety of podcasts created by 5th grade students in Greenville; click a link to download podcasts on iTunes, download straight to your computer, or listen to them right at the site.
  • Our City Podcast-Greenville - Mrs. Abernethy's Cyber Chickens podcast for Tony Vincent's ever popular "Our City Podcast" project. View pictures of our town and listen to students discuss Greenville Pennsylvania. Also click on the link to view Tony Vincent's project page.