Podcasting 101

Presented by Michael Baker and Brad Shank

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Monday, 3:15 - 4:30; Room 108

If you are not sure what podcasting is and how to go about using podcasting in education, this is the session for you. Come see how audio, video and handouts can make a difference in teaching and learning. You will add another tool to your kit for meeting your students' varying learning needs and styles. learn how teachers are using podcasts, how to find podcasts of interest to you, and how to subscribe to and play them on your computer using free software.

Free Downloads

iTunes, Democracy, Audacity, , PrimoPDF, Audacity Handout - Provided courtesy by EduTechinnovators Edtechinnovators.com

Presentation materials:

Handout, Video Section 1, Video Section 2, Video Section 3, What is Podcasting Video, iTunes 2 CD Video, UnitedStreaming 2 iPod Video, 5-Year-Old Connecting iPod 2 TV Video

Web Resources

The Education Podcast Network, The History of Podcasting, iLife '06 Tutorials, Gcast.com, Mike's Website, Librivox (I just stole this resource from Alma Row and Beth Breiner's wiki - FREE: The Price is Right. You can download free audio books via RSS feeds!)

Using Audacity to Create Podcasts

You can find out more about RSS feeds by visiting Chris Champion and Elisha Pospisil's wiki - RSS and Research.


Michael Baker mbaker@sssd.k12.pa.us
Brad Shank brad.l.shank@gmail.com