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Michael Baker & Tom McGee

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Storyboarding is the first step in creating a movie. It doesn't matter if you are using iMovie, Moviemaker, or FInal Cut Pro. Every director needs to organize their ideas onto paper in a sequence of events. Here are some ideas you can use to help you storyboard:

Here are some FREE open source software you can use to help storyboard!

The old pencil and Paper Method- PDF Templates of storyboards
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Free Graphic Organizer Software

Inspiration is a software where students can flow chart or map their ideas. You can get a 30day free trial at but you'll have to pay to continue their service.
Tutorial Site

Powerpoint is on the microsoft office suite and is a great way to use as a storyboard. you can even create a template file to give your kids ready fort hem to fill in the blanks.
PowerPoint in the Classroom Tutorial

Appleworks Presentation
Tutorial Site
Works like powerpoint.

Planning your movie

Ricky Okazaki from the University of Hawaii has a great Guide to Storyboarding (planning your movie).

iMovie (Mac)

iMovie Tutorials:

"iMovie at a Glance" manual
Apple's iMovie manuals website
Atomic Learning videos
Tom McGee's iMovie Wiki

Windows Movie Maker (PC)

MovieMaker is included with Windows XP, and you can download the latest version from Microsoft's website.

MovieMaker Tutorials:

Microsoft's "How To Use" Guide
Atomic Learning videos

Free Video Resources - a free online video editor. Bring in a video from the web, and turn it into a new video!
TeacherTube - It's Youtube for teachers! copy and paste the embedded code into your blog/site. -Jumpcut is a place to make movies and interact with people. It's imovie on the web! Create an account in seconds and start editing your video right on the internet. "Clips" on jumpcut are raw video files that you upload from your computer. You can combine clips with photos and music in our editor to make jumpcut "movies".

Photo Story- Microsofts free version for digital images. Add the Ken Burns Effect and Music! Converts YouTube and TeacherTube videos into Quicktime, WMV and MPEG-4 formats.

Student Samples of Movie Making

Mabryonline Film Festival
Operation Safe Surf - PA Attorney General student video contest See these sample imovies from a school district in Springfield, Illinois. You'll find samples from grades K-12 and all content areas. There are even some professional development movies as well.
Learning and Laptops Blog - student responses to "What Does Literature Say About Human Beings?" (Anne Smith, English teacher from Arapahoe, CO SD)

Other Video Resources

Use YouTube or TeacherTube to document an oral history of World War II (Kristin Hokanson's blog) Making Student Portfolios
$14 DIY Steadycam

Multimedia on the Web!! (photos, music, video)

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It's good practice to cite your sources of information when taking it from the web.

Copyright & Fair Use on the Web

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Tips in Making Movies

  • Projects like this will require some time from the teacher to familiarize themselves with the program. Expertise is NOT a priority.
  • Do a sample yourself before you try it with kids!
  • Classroom management is just as important as the project itself
  • IT will be “messy”, as it should be
  • Be the guide on the side, not the sage on the stage
  • If it’s not fun, why do it?
  • Expect the unexpected-Video will take more time expected
  • Don’t single out techie stuff- Learn the editing tricks along the way-
  • Small groups work best- teach each other the techie stuff