Making Music

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Tom McGee and Michael Baker

Skype Me: (tommcgee)

Garageband & Audacity

Wednesday 9:15

Room 201

Presenters: Tom McGee & Mike Baker

How does music play a role in student learning? We'll explore Garageband and Audacity, two highly engaging software programs that will take your lessons to whole new level in student learning. Music, as you are aware, is one of Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences. Learning with music can help students make connections AND make it fun!


10% of what we read

20% of what we hear

30% of what we see

50% of what we see and hear

70% of what we discuss with others

80% of what we personally experience

95% or what we teach other

Audacity (Free open source for both windows & Mac)

How To's

  1. This handout is provide courtesy of EdTech Innovators.
  2. Audacity Tutorial Website
  3. Download Audacity
  4. Video Tutorial

Dent du Midi

Download- A free file for Apple OSX that converts midi files into AIFF format. These files can easily be imported into GarageBand and adjusted. Most common songs will have midi files that can be Googled.


How to's

  1. Garageband Wiki

  1. Why Make Music?
  2. Let's explore how to make music on the PC- Audacity Demo
  3. Now Let's try it on the MAC- Garageband
  4. Hands-On TIme! Let's Play!
  5. How can music engage kids in learning curricular content?